Your clients not only wants Appointment Booking, they want to see a detailed offer your massage salon, hair salon, beauty salon, clinic, hotel, etc… to which they give (or plan to give) their trust.

Present them in the best way possible through a CATALOG in which they will be attractively presented:

  • Your Services – Show them how you work, using the latest technologies and methods. Present each service individually, allow clients to see basic information about that service, allow them to see which Service Providers run that service, see their experience and skills they have, and schedule an appointment directly for that service page if they wish.
  • Your Staff – Show them that your staff is superbly trained and experienced. Look at their BIO data, their skills and choose treatment and appointment directly from their BIO page.
  • Your Materials – Show them that you only use top quality materials from renowned companies worldwide. Let them order these materials from you as an additional product with your reservation and you make extra money, increasing your clients satisfaction.
  • And much more…. – you suggest, we will try to make it possible for your clients.

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